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朗的报告: 5 Recommendations To Better Support 家庭暴力 Survivors

家庭暴力 Takes a Devastating Toll on Victims, Their Children, and Their Loved Ones

隔离的经验, 物理, 情感或经济上的虐待, and financial dependence leave many victims without the resources to build a new life for themselves and their children.

For survivors in crisis, domestic violence emergency shelters offer a safe refuge. Shelters have been found to reduce the frequency and intensity of ongoing violence and decrease depression. 庇护所的工作——帮助人们结束生活中的暴力. 但bet足球365官网可以也应该提供更多的避难所.

这就是为什么bet足球365官网设计 朗的报告, a longitudinal needs assessment to learn how Safe Horizon—and other service providers—can better support emergency domestic violence shelter residents both during and after their stay in shelter.

Here’s How We Conducted the Needs Assessment Over the Period of a Year:



From this, we learned what survivors truly need during and after shelter to thrive. 阅读下面bet足球365官网的发现和相关建议.

1. 增加庇护所项目的资金

保护工作. After entering shelter, 95% of participants experienced a decrease in abuse. 然而在纽约, only 52% of hotline callers seeking shelter are linked to an emergency shelter space.

New York City and New York State should collaborate to increase the number of shelter beds available in New York City, with a focus on increasing the availability of beds for single adults and large families.

2. 改善创伤治疗

家庭在减少创伤反应方面需要支持. Upon entering shelter, 68% of participants met criteria for clinical depression. 离开避难所, 56% of participants still met criteria for clinical depression. Upon entering shelter, 57% of participants met criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder. 离开避难所, 37% of participants still met criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder.

The current funding model for domestic violence shelters does not support the provision of trauma-focused counseling inside the shelter. And the capacity of community-based clinics to provide this service is extremely limited. 应提供更多的资源来满足这一需要.

Safe Horizon is enhancing mental health services in our shelter program through NYC’s Connections to Care program, and by opening on-site mental health satellite clinics within some of its shelters.

3. 加强财务知识和职业培训

幸存者需要支持才能自给自足. 77%的参与者进入了庇护所,没有工作. 71%的参与者想要工作或职业培训项目.

Many community-based educational and job training resources do not offer the flexibility or the trauma-informed approach that domestic violence survivors need. 此外,他们的生活状况经常受到破坏(i.e. 从紧急收容所向过渡性收容所或无家可归者收容所的过渡, 或者从庇护所到永久住房, often at unpredictable intervals) prevent participants’ from participating in these programs during their shelter stay.

Safe Horizon is piloting a brief trauma-informed financial literacy program in our shelters, 通过职业培训项目发展新的合作伙伴关系.

4. 减少购买经济适用房的障碍

幸存者的首要问题是找到负担得起的住房. While 37% of participants were residing in their own home after leaving the emergency shelter program, 26%的人住在无家可归者收容所.

The city has made strides in offering subsidized housing to shelter residents, 但是仍然存在许多障碍. The city should work with realtors and landlords to reduce these barriers, and should continue to invest in a wide range of affordable housing options, from permanent supportive housing to independent affordable housing units.

Safe Horizon has hired a housing search coordinator who works with realtors and landlords to identify more affordable housing options for clients.

5. Make it Easier for Survivors to Maintain Community and Family Connections

Many survivors need and want to remain engaged with 他们的家庭和社区. Upon entering shelter, 73% wanted connection to people who can help them. 离开避难所, 67% of participants reported feeling emotionally distant or cut off from their support network.

New York State and New York City should work together to provide greater flexibility for survivors seeking shelter, including allowing survivors to remain in their own borough or neighborhood and to have family members visit the shelter when the survivor assesses this to be a safe option and piloting an open shelter model. 除了, New York City should work with shelter providers to reduce the barriers to residents (including children) having overnight visits with family.

Safe Horizon will advocate with city and state regulators to ease restrictive rules and pilot an open shelter model.