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By Dr. Amanda M. Stylianou
June 5, 2018

When there is domestic violence in the home, children may witness or experience the violence. This can make them feel unsafe and more vulnerable to developing mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder. 帮助这些孩子, Safe Horizon and our partners have created a groundbreaking pilot program called the Child Trauma Response Team (CTRT). Our Research and Evaluation team has analyzed the effectiveness of the pilot program, 并得到了罗格斯大学的支持, 在这篇博客文章中分享bet足球365官网的发现.

What is CTRT?

CTRT is a collaborative model designed to reduce the negative impact of children’s exposure to domestic violence. 2016年3月至2017年4月, a pilot program was implemented in the East Harlem section of Manhattan for families in the 23rd precinct. 这个试点项目是与以下公司合作的:

  • 纽约市警察局(NYPD)
  • 纽约县地方检察官办公室(丹妮)
  • 安全的地平线,公司.


  • Identify children who have witnessed serious incidents of domestic violence and provide an immediate, coordinated, trauma-focused and interdisciplinary response to children under the age of 18 and their impacted family members.
  • 由纽约警局和bet足球365官网提供协调的家庭服务, 病例管理服务, 和以证据为基础的, 精神卫生干预.


  • Determine the impact of the CTRT on children exposed to severe domestic violence and their impacted family members
  • Identify key factors that facilitate successful collaborations between law enforcement and domestic violence/child trauma specialists
  • Provide a roadmap for expanding and adapting the CTRT program throughout New York City


Eligible families were identified by reviewing the NYPD Domestic Incident Reports as well as receiving referrals for the program from a partner domestic violence organization and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

  • 105 家庭有资格接受CTRT干预 90 被选中接受服务的家庭
  • 大部分看护人是年龄在24岁到39岁之间的女性, identifying as Hispanic/Latina or Black/African-American and caring for one or two children primarily between the ages of 0 and 6.
  • 82% of families who elected to receive services had at least one child that screened positive for post-traumatic stress disorder

Following a severe incident of domestic violence, the Child Trauma Response Team:

  • Provides a therapeutic acute response to the family within 72 hours of the traumatic event consisting of either a joint home visit by the DV Police Officer and a Safe Horizon Child Trauma Specialist or a phone call by the SH child trauma specialist
  • 完成儿童创伤筛查和/或评估
  • Educates the caregiver about common trauma reactions and how his/her child’s behavior may be linked to the child’s exposure to domestic violence
  • 为家人提供安全评估和风险管理
  • Links the child and impacted family members to evidence-based mental health treatment services, which may include interventions focused on the peri-traumatic phase such as Child and Family Traumatic Stress Intervention (CFTSI)


The following practice recommendations are from Safe Horizon’s Research and Evaluation team. 它们是基于对试点项目的评估.

  • Enhance the identification of eligible families by focusing on increasing police documentation on the 家庭暴力 Incident Report when a child is present in the home during an incident
  • Collaborate to increase the speed of home visits to families experiencing severe domestic violence within 72-hours post-incident
  • 转变模式,以满足不同社区的需求
  • Explore expanding capacity to offer mental health intervention services to young children
  • 讨论所使用评估工具的敏感性和特异性
  • 为案例审查会议制定并实施CTRT模型指南, home visits, 以及督导委员会会议
  • Define and clarify roles of each partner and enhance communication between CTRT team


  • Consider expanding the CTRT model to other NYC precincts to increase impact of the program
  • 考虑扩大CTRT模式,以关注所有家庭暴力事件, 而不仅仅是严重的事故
  • Consider expanding the CTRT model to other forms of trauma and violence experienced and witnessed by children


  • 为纵向项目评估获得额外资金
  • 理解CTRT模型在不同社区中的影响
  • Explore the potential impact of the CTRT model in responding to all domestic violence incidents and/or all traumatic incidents children may witness
  • 研究CTRT对家庭安全的影响, 创伤后应激障碍的水平, 获得社区服务, 运用情绪应对技巧的能力, 对刑事司法系统的信任, 以及参与刑事司法系统
  • Understand the impact of CTRT from the perspective of families utilizing the program’s services

We are committed to consistently evaluating the impact of our programs and are proud to report on the pilot’s success. This insightful and actionable analysis brings us one step closer to our vision of a society free from violence. The CTRT pilot program analysis is just one of the projects that our Research and Evaluation team spearheads. 要了解更多365bet足球网站的项目, 请访问bet足球365官网的政策和研究页面. 下载此研究的PDF版本,请点击这里. 要了解更多关于CTRT的信息,请点击这里.

  • Dr. Amanda M. Stylianou,质量和项目发展副总裁

    Dr. Amanda M. Stylianou, PhD, MSW, LCSW, is a social worker who focuses her career on developing and improving programming in the field of victim services. 她在直接实践、研究和管理方面有超过10年的经验. 除了在“bet足球365官网”的工作,她还. Stylianou is an affiliate researcher at the Center on Violence Against Women and Children at Rutgers’ University School of Social Work and serves on the National Institute of Justice’s Violence Against Women Research Consortium. 她在包括《bet足球365官网》在内的各种期刊上发表过文章, 人际暴力杂志, 暴力和受害者, 针对妇女的暴力行为, Affilia, 及儿童及青年服务检讨. Dr. Stylianou has a PhD and MSW from Rutgers University and a BA From Westmont College.